About VueMyGolf

VueMyGolf, a division of GeoShot Technologies, provides stunning computer-animated Flyover 3D Models and fine yardage guides for all types of Golf courses. Whether a customer's goal is to drive traffic and sell tee times or market a new golf property or golf course design, VueMyGolf is the solution.

Innovative service Golf 3D Flyover provides a breathtaking bird's eye view. On the other hand yardage guides and course map golf take golf visualization to a new level by providing every level of detail about holes, hazards, and green. We offer Creative Golf 3D solutions across all devices and digital platforms such as web and mobile.

It also offers mobile apps on iOS and Android, as well as web visualization, which is fully mobile and large-screen compatible, for all golf courses worldwide. We offer its solutions free of charge to any golf club. This is achieved by sourcing corporate sponsorship to fund the project.

Golf Course Guide

Animated 3D Flyover Styles

Hole Flyover Video With Ball Tracing

Hole Flyover Video Without Ball Tracing

Course Guide Styles

3D Course Map Example
3D Hole Yardage Guide Example
3D Green Guide Example
Golf Hole Graphics

We need the following info from you to provide you the best flyover videos and course guides.


Full golf course name and address


We have our own terrain data that we can use for any worldwide golf course. But for higher accuracy of terrain, we would prefer our client to provide us the latest contour drawing or survey point could data or a hand sketch of land heights of the golf course for terrain implementation in video and course guide.


Camera photos of golf course for identification of type of trees / landscape in and around the golf course.

VueMyGolf is building a worldwide portfolio of Golf Courses. Contact us today for getting the best offer price to become a VueMyGolf member.